Meet the Band

Queen T, our pop/rock diva soul sister who can take on any tune with her vocal prowess. She is stamping her authority as she rips up the stage with energy and intensity that is second to none whether on the mic or wielding her weapon of choice on stage, be it keys, bass or guitar. You’ll be in awe of her magic as she rules over the stage and win you over with her charismatic style and will have you belting along and joyfully dancing in no time.
Hiatus Kaiyote, Gorillaz, Muse, Basement Jaxx, Tame Impala
Gabe likes to think of himself as The White Lion but everyone else just calls him The Show Pony. At approximately 8 feet tall, he swaggers across the stage swinging his bass like Paul Bunyin’s axe, slaying all who come near. With a shock of blond hair falling across his face, and occasionally across his bare chest, Gabe delivers power rock hits with passion and energy, giving everything he has to every show.
Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Arctic Monkeys, The Cars, Måneskin
Introducing the Strummer – the bald rocker with a heart full of love. A safe pair of hands on any kind of guitar, expect sweet acoustic tones and some hip jiving from him, along with a sprinkle of classic vocal hits!
Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Maroon Five
Madame Ess will reel you in and blow you away with her sultry harmonious tones and her expressive raw emotion whenever she grabs the mic. And with the keyboard at her fingertips, she brilliantly weaves intricate melodies combining them with lush chords. She is a divine sight and sound you will be drawn to and impossible to turn away from.
David Bowie, Queen, Radiohead, The Weeknd, Muse, Lauren Hill, Miley Cyrus, Elton John, anything grunge, anything soul
Our true professional who is more than capable at the helm of any instrument be it drums, guitar, bass or on the mic. All gaze in awe in his presence as he rains down on us with either a blazing lead guitar riffs or smashing out a complex rhythmic pattern. Jaw dropping, toe tapping frenzy.
Jeff Buckley, Meshuggah
This bitch is the bomb with his explosive face-melting solos while wielding his axe in his steadfast stance. With no consequences in sight, he makes no apologies for his inappropriate comments and can happily stir you up like a dirty martini and leave you laughing while drinking it all up.
Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Steve Vai
She doesn’t shy away from any challenge, taking on anything that you throw at her. Not only does she skilfully set the keys on fire she can also groove on the bass and can punch out a hypnotic rhythm on percussion. Our woman of many talents ties the vocals together with her unfaltering pitch perfect harmonies leaving us all in a state of Zen on a yogic high.
Supertramp, ELO, Genesis, Nick Drake, Kate Bush
This mystery man sums himself up in prose: My sax is my partner; we give mundane no quarter / My feet are loose, I can’t stand still / I aim at your heart, go in for the kill / Once you’ve seen me perform, felt the energy I blow / You will know true love, forever crave the next show.
Maceo Parker, Candy Dulfer, Michael Jackson, Queen, Prince
Here’s Travis D. He brings the backline solid rhythm with a hard edge but can also howl some hard rock or a sweet ballad. Displaying versatility musically and vocally, he’s solid but can move a groove through a tune with unexpected harmonies. Sonically unexpected.
Dead Kennedys, Kyuss, The Living End, Tumbleweed, You Am I, Kraftwerk, Magic Dirt, The Superjesus, Monty Python

Our story

Formed from the camaraderie and musical spirit of Coogee Public School’s “The Big Thong” fundraiser, Locos was the brainchild of Gabe and Thida. This dynamic duo transformed their annual gig into a musical venture that wanted to keep the party going all year round. Locos has since grown into a community of incredibly talented parent musicians, including Derek, Sarah, Aja, Mark, Cath, Dave and Martin, who all contribute to the band’s signature sound and magnetic stage presence.

For years, the band was a fixture at the Coogee Beach Club, where parents and kids alike let loose, harmonising on the greens during our lively performances. We also had a memorable run at the now-defunct Bunker, a legendary venue that has joined the annals of Sydney’s musical history. Our knack for lifting spirits and filling dance floors has solidified us as the go-to high-energy party band.

Through a blend of talent, charisma, and a shared love for music, Locos continues to be more than just a band—it’s a musical experience and a community. Our rich history and ever-growing fan base are proof of our commitment to keeping the party rocking, one unforgettable gig at a time.